Transformative Results Depend on Digital Skills

Creative disruption in digital transformation depends on digital skills. There is significant benefit from implementing technology, for example in how data is organised, accessed and shared, or specific tools for specific workflows. However, these advances, while accelerating workflows, do not fundamentally change anything in the organization or how it runs. The effects are local.

In this video Mike Connell talks about how people have to think differently, operate differently, and think more broadly about what is possible to truly deliver transformative business results.

Mike Connell | 1m35s | Using Digital Skills to Think Differently

Public Open Classes

Enthought holds frequent open training courses at various locations around the world (limited to 15 students per class). Enthought courses are highly focused on hands-on programming exercises that follow short 15-30 minute lecture segments.

Private Onsite Training

Enthought is the Python training organization of choice for many of the world’s top finance, aerospace, military, government, biotechnology, semiconductor, and marketing enterprises. Private onsite classes provide a flexible, efficient solution for group training. Contact us to learn more.

Pandas Mastery Workshop

Pandas (the Python Data Analysis library) provides a powerful and comprehensive toolset for working with data, including tools for reading and writing diverse files, data cleaning and wrangling, analysis and modeling, and visualization. Fields with widespread use of Pandas include: data science, finance, neuroscience, economics, advertising, web analytics, statistics, social science, and many areas of engineering. See upcoming open Pandas Mastery Workshop classes.

Python for Data Analysis

This 5-day class will get your group up to speed quickly on how to optimize your use of the Python standard language and key Python packages for data exploration, modeling, and analysis. See upcoming open Python for Data Analysis classes.

Machine Learning Mastery Workshop

Machine learning models provide a fast and flexible way to build predictive models of the world, and are used for tasks ranging from predicting supply chain availability to optimizing the placement of advertisements. The tools discussed in this class are fast becoming industry standards in bioscience, finance, geology, manufacturing, and marketing. See upcoming open Machine Learning Mastery Workshop classes.

Python for Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are defining features of the 21st century and are quickly becoming a key factor in gaining and maintaining competitive advantage in each industry which incorporates them. See upcoming open Python for Machine Learning classes.

Python for Data Science

This fast-paced class is intended for practicing data scientists, data analysts, and business intelligence experts interested in using Python for their day-to-day work. The primary focus is on learning to use Python tools for data science, data analysis, and machine learning efficiently and effectively. See upcoming open Python for Data Science classes.

Python for Scientists and Engineers

This class is intended for scientists and engineers interested in using Python for their day-to-day computational tasks. These five days of highly interactive training will give you a rock solid base to build high-quality software in terms of both readability and performance. See upcoming open Python for Scientists and Engineers classes.

Python Foundations

This 3-day intensive Python training class provides practical, hands-on experience and foundational working knowledge of Python for data analysis, science, engineering, and other technical applications. Whether you are new to Python or a long-time enthusiast, you’ll benefit from this focused series of topics and best practices taught by experts who create Python software for notable companies in finance, oil and gas, scientific research, aerospace, biotechnology, marketing analysis and more. See upcoming open Python Foundations classes.

Develop Scientists and Engineers into Leaders of the Digital Future

The Digital Transformation Technical Leaders Program is a multi-year effort designed to develop scientists and engineers into digital scientists and engineers who will become the technical leaders of tomorrow.

The program combines training, apprenticeship, and real life workplace problem solving to accelerate the development of technical teams.