It will take digital leaders capable of broad vision and deep work to transform and lead organizations into a digital future.

Introducing the Digital Transformation Technical Leaders Program

JSR is 3 years into their digital transformation journey with a new generation of scientists developing through the Technical Leaders Program. The most significant early wins have been in laboratory performance and efficiency gains enabling significantly more time for crafting innovative workflows using entirely new data sets. 

The program combines classroom training and apprenticeship style work on real data and problems (over a 6 month period), followed by remote mentoring and ad hoc advanced courses.

Digital Transformation

Enthought collaborates with clients to de-mystify digital transformation, defining it as “a process of facilitating and accelerating an organization’s journey towards greater digital maturity”.

Digital Maturity is the result of a management-led strategy that includes integrated plans for data and infrastructure, developing and applying digital tools and growing scientists’ digital skills.

Digital Transformation– the Long Game

True digital transformation, beyond just implementing digital technologies and providing training, is a multi-year effort that requires significant commitment from across the organization. To sustain the change and motivate people for the longer term prize, it is necessary to deliver incremental and significant business value every 6-12 months. This value could be saving research scientist’s time, or introducing a new capability in the laboratory.

Watch VP Organizational Transformation Mike Connell set out the approach Enthought takes in collaborating with clients to implement a multi-year program to enable dramatic new capabilities. 

Mike Connell | 3m34s | Digitally Transforming with Continuous Value to the Business

Realizing Possibilities Through Tools and Skills

Science + Domain + Coding = Innovation 

Enthought experts have deep expertise in fundamental science, and come from multiple domains: for example life sciences, chemistry, oil & gas, manufacturing and aerospace. They also have expertise in scientific software development and a passion for problem solving. 

Many clients recognize the need for similarly skilled experts to progress their own digital transformation initiatives. 

From its origin in 2001, Enthought has provided training in scientific software, and today is focused on Python, now the most used programming language in science. 

Customized scientific software

Through a collaborative approach with clients, Enthought builds customized scientific software that enables experts to approach problems in entirely new ways, creating new business possibilities.

By having experts who code with the domain expertise of clients, engagements are highly efficient, and software prototyping happens in days, rather than weeks and months. These software prototypes always target specific business problems, focused on delivering value early. 

More than 80 of the Enthought 100+ staff hold STEM degrees, with more than 65 Ph.Ds. 

SciPy 2020

July 6-12

Due to COVID-19, SciPy 2020 will be a virtual conference. The intention is to maintain the momentum of past years, and bring together over 900 scientists from across industry, academia, and government to showcase their latest projects. Panels, talks, tutorials and developer sprints will remain part of this truly unique event.

SciPy began in 2002, when Enthought CEO Eric Jones brought together a group of about 35 like-minded scientists at CalTech, passionate about the potential of the Python scientific software stack. Enthought remains the institutional sponsor of the SciPy Conference today.