Deep  Work. 

Broad  Vision.


Enthought works with clients to develop a comprehensive blueprint for driving the change that delivers business impact.

Deep work: Scientists, fluent in AI/machine learning, applying a new generation of workflows.

Broad vision: Across an organization, transforming to discover and deliver business results.

Digital Transformation

Enthought collaborates with clients to de-mystify digital transformation, defining it as “a process of facilitating and accelerating an organization’s journey towards greater digital maturity”.

Digital Maturity is the result of a management-led strategy that includes integrated plans for data and infrastructure, developing and applying digital tools and growing scientists’ digital skills.

Digital Transformation– the Long Game

True digital transformation, beyond just implementing digital technologies and providing training, is a multi-year effort that requires significant commitment from across the organization. To sustain the change and motivate people for the longer-term prize, it is necessary to deliver incremental and significant business value every 6–12 months. This value could be saving research scientists’ time, or introducing a new capability in the laboratory.

In this video, VP Organizational Transformation Mike Connell sets out the approach Enthought takes in collaborating with clients to implement a multi-year program to enable dramatic new capabilities.

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Mike Connell | 3m34s | Digitally Transforming with Continuous Value to the Business

Meet The Leaders

Enthought is founded and led by individuals who, for more than 18 years, have pioneered results through applying scientific computing techniques and technologies to solve the toughest business challenges.

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Digital Transformation Technical Leaders Program

Develop the technical leaders of tomorrow by growing scientists and engineers into digital scientists and engineers in a program that combines training, apprenticeship, and solving their business problems.

We combine the full force of computational science with the toolset of analytics, simulation, and modeling to accelerate scientific research and development. The result? New capabilities that support innovation and deliver orders of magnitude in improvements to business performance.