Driving a Digital Future

The Digital Transformation Technical Leaders Program is a multi-month effort designed to develop scientists and engineers into digital scientists and engineers who will become the technical leaders of tomorrow. Through a combination of training and apprenticeship, real problems from the workplace are taken on. Real-time application of techniques ensures that relevant knowledge is gained throughout the program.

The program empowers scientists and engineers to use complex digital tools to solve tough technical problems, often creating entirely new workflows that can transform the way they work and accelerate science innovation.

Mike Connell | 1m52s | Digital Transformation Technical Leaders Program

A Program for Developing Technical Leaders

digital skills leadership program

CapGemini Consulting highlights ‘digital maturity’ as a driver of profitability.

“On average, Digirati (companies with the digital maturity not only to build digital innovations, but also to drive enterprise-wide transformation) are 26% more profitable than their industry competitors.

They generate 9% more revenue through their employees and physical assets, and they create more value, generating 12% higher market valuation ratios.”

“The Digital Advantage: How digital leaders outperform their peers in every industry”, CapGemini Consulting, with the MIT Sloan School of Management

Curious about self-evaluating your company's digital maturity?

Enthought has developed a model for evaluating and progressing digital maturity made up of 5 elements, one of which is digital tools. This image shows a customized scientific software tool developed to assist energy company geoscientists in visualizing CT scan data from an oil well core. Read the full case study here

Accelerating Skills Development

An Apprenticeship Approach to Acquiring Digital Skills

Working on your own project is the fastest way to acquire knowledge. Attendees come to the program with their technical problems, often with repetitive tasks, or where data goes unused, where AI/machine learning techniques can turn weeks worth of work into minutes and hours, where newly created data generates innovation and new insights.

In this video, Mike Connell summarizes the Apprenticeship portion of the Technical Leaders Program.

Mike Connell | 1m55s | Apprenticeship Training

On our Semiconductor Industry page, see how a young scientist in the program transformed wafer inspection in an innovative workflow, with new data and a significant efficiency gain. 

Transform Your Team

Talk to us about crafting a program for your scientists and engineers that teaches advanced digital skills to drive a step change in efficiency and problem solving.