The following is a list of the licenses for Enthought’s products. Your access or use of any of these products indicates that you accept the terms set forth in the applicable agreement for the product(s) associated with your purchase or usage. To review license terms, select the link for your products below. Should you have any questions or need assistance with which license applies to you, please contact Enthought Support at


Enthought Canopy License Agreement (PDF) - Canopy License

Enthought Canopy Administrator License Agreement (PDF) - Canopy Administrator License

Enthought Canopy Enterprise Subscription License Agreement (PDF) - Canopy Enterprise Subscription License

Canopy Geoscience

Canopy Geoscience Subscription License Agreement (PDF) - CanopyGeo Subscription License

Enthought Deployment Server

Enthought Deployment Server Subscription License Agreement (PDF) - Deployment Server License

PyXLL (Python for Excel)

PyXLL Subscription License Agreement (PDF) - PyXLL License

Python Integration Toolkit for LabVIEW

Python Integration Toolkit for LabVIEW Subscription License Agreement (PDF) - Python Integration Toolkit LabVIEW Standard License

Enthought Training Services

Enthought Training Services Terms & Conditions, United States (PDF) - Training Services Terms and Conditions US

Enthought Training Services Terms & Conditions, Europe (PDF) - Training Services Terms and Conditions EUR

Enthought Virtual Training Services Terms & Conditions (PDF) - Virtual Training Services Terms and Conditions

Export Restrictions

Certain Enthought Software Products are subject to export restrictions of the United States Government.

Please see the Export Restrictions document for complete details.

Statement of 508 Compliance

We believe Enthought Canopy to be compliant with Section 508, as we either comply with the specified requirements in §1194.21, or the requirements are not applicable to our software distribution. We base this assessment on the information provided at

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