Materials Science & Chemistry

The Journey to Digital-centric Chemicals and Materials Laboratories

Digital technologies and the innovation they enable are steadily transforming chemicals and materials labs. 

This webinar proposes five ‘levels’ of lab digital capability, providing managers and scientists with a mental model to evaluate where they are now, and how to leverage technology and technical leadership to ‘level up’, ultimately transforming lab performance and its impact on the business.

To have a transformative impact, labs must reinvent workflows through digital technologies and skills, adopting a strong data culture. Innovation through digital-centric systems confidently produces new materials that meet customer specifications orders of magnitude faster than before, enabling broader business transformation

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Developing digital skills and the data culture needed to support transformation and capture latent value 
  • Leveraging machine intelligence for decision-making
  • Digital twins and virtual experimentation
  • Employing appropriate technology to accelerate workflows and improve data

Who Should Attend:

  • Researchers who want more powerful tools for research
  • Lab Managers who want a more efficient lab
  • Directors who want to do more with the same people and space
  • Business leaders who want to maintain or create a research advantage

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