What We Do

Digital transformation is more than just strategy. Working with us means tapping real opportunity at the intersection of science and code. We roll up our sleeves and work side by side with your scientists and engineers to discover what matters. Together, we build AI tools to unlock more business wins.

What We Are

We are scientists who code. Our people pair in-depth science experience with unparalleled AI acumen. We understand the complex challenges scientists and engineers face as they strive to drive business success — and we know how to empower them with AI tools that stand up to the most exacting requirements.

Who We Help

When success hangs on hard science, talk to us. We’ve solved complex, scientific problems for billion dollar businesses across oil and gas, life sciences, manufacturing, chemical industries, and more. Whether you need to expand inquiry, speed discovery, or hone accuracy, we’re here to help you win in an AI-powered world.

What We Know

We know how to shape AI strategies to solve hard science. We use Python, a powerful, extensible, open source programming language for scientific, analytic, and engineering applications. We were one of the first to harness the power of Python for science, and we’ve been building exacting AI tools for scientists ever since.

AI Consulting

Enthought offers expert-led scientific digital transformation. We help you take command of AI, from data strategy to modeling and simulation, machine learning, and training.

Python Training

Enthought’s intensive training, from immersive apprenticeship to classroom offerings, is designed to teach Python programming and software craftsmanship to scientists, engineers, analysts, and data scientists.

Platform & Products

Enthought has created a powerful platform that speeds custom application development. Our solutions for development, data analysis, and visualization are used for pivotal projects around the world.

Where We Started

Founded in 2001, Enthought became an AI innovator by embracing the power of Python, ushering in best practices, and helping to found Python’s scientific community. A leading provider of Python solutions and training, Enthought developed products and a powerful platform for the efficient creation of custom applications. Now, Enthought offers highly collaborative, consultative support to science teams at leading companies around the world. Enthought is headquartered in Austin, Texas with additional offices in Houston, Texas, Cambridge, United Kingdom, Zürich, Switzerland, and Tokyo, Japan.

Time to innovate?

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