Our Origin

Enthought was created in 2001, when CEO Eric Jones was doing postdoctoral research in electrical engineering at Duke University. Eric recognized the potential of the Python scientific software stack to solve tough science problems and remove much of the drudgery experienced by technical experts. To harness this potential, in 2002 Eric gathered about 50 like-minded scientists at CalTech for what would become the first SciPy Conference.

Enthought Today

Enthought is a company of approximately 100 people, 90 of whom hold science and engineering degrees, with 65 holding Ph.D.s. We are fluent in the language of science and passionate about solving the toughest challenges. We collaborate with clients in their digital transformation initiatives to create possibilities that deliver orders of magnitude performance improvements – in business results and expert efficiency.

Our Contribution

Over the past 20 years Enthought scientists have made numerous significant contributions in scientific software. These include co-creating the original SciPy package, co-founding the SciPy conference in 2002, creating the initial scikit-learn package, founding the HDF5 for Python (h5py) software project, co-creating OUQ theory and creating and maintaining wxPython, a cross-platform GUI toolkit.

Our Services

Digital Transformation

Enthought collaborates with science-driven companies on their digital transformation initiatives to create possibilities that deliver orders of magnitude improvements in business impact and expert efficiency. These possibilities come through scientific software technology, skills development through an apprenticeship approach, and building ‘digital DNA’ across the organization.

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Software Consulting

A commonality amongst science-driven businesses is providing a valuable business output, for example a material formulation on spec., a new drug, or a seismic analysis. From this business value starting point, we collaborate to reconceptualize processes, crafting scientific software and adapting infrastructure technology to not only deliver incremental gains, but expose new possibilities.

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Enthought training is centered on the Python language, training scientists and engineers as they solve the problems of today. The Digital Technical Leaders program is a multi-month effort designed to develop scientists and engineers into the leaders of tomorrow, inspiring the creative thinking necessary to realize the possibilities provided by today’s digital technologies.

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