What We Do

Enthought accelerates science for measurable business impact by developing software, people, and organizations. Combining science expertise, AI solutions, and targeted change management, Enthought implements true digital and business transformation.

Who We Are

We are scientists and engineers — that code and transform. 85% of our technical team hold advanced degrees, including 70% with PhDs. We are fluent in the language of science and we thrive on driving science innovation and empowering business transformation.

Who We Help

When science is critical to business success, companies around the world turn to Enthought to solve their hardest problems and implement lasting digital transformation. We drive business impact for oil and gas, life sciences, chemical, and manufacturing industries.

What We Know

We know hard science, we know Python, and we know how to shape and execute AI strategies that unleash the power of data. Enthought lives at the intersection of science and technology with automation, simulation, modeling, machine learning and deep learning. We helped launch the scientific Python community and are recognized worldwide as a leader in Python-based scientific, analytic, and engineering computing.

Science Expertise

Enthought speaks the language of science and engineering with its deep bench of PhDs in mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering, bioscience, and education.

Software / AI Solutions

Enthought builds domain-specific science applications powered by its purpose-built Python platform for computational science, data management, data analysis, and AI.

Organizational Change

Enthought de-mystifies ‘digital transformation’ for science-driven companies. We work from the C-Suite to the scientist to align process and train people for broader adoption and impact.

Where We Started

Founded in 2001, Enthought became a force of change in scientific innovation by embracing the power of Python. Enthought built the first scientific distribution of Python and has been the institutional sponsor of the annual SciPy (Scientific Python) conference since its inception.

Today, Enthought remains a leader in computational science and AI and accelerates science for business impact by developing strategy, creating software innovation, and implementing true business transformation for companies around the world. Enthought is headquartered in Austin, Texas with additional offices in Houston, Texas, Cambridge, United Kingdom, Zürich, Switzerland, and Tokyo, Japan.

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