Analytics-Ready Data

Accelerate Scientific Discovery and Drive Innovation.

Taking scattered, complex, and varied R&D data and giving it new life as a value-generating engine.

Why Enthought

Scientific innovation starts with data, and research labs are sitting on an untapped goldmine. That's because R&D data is different— often a scattered collection of images, videos, tables of values, scientific measurements and more— that makes unlocking its value difficult. Data needs to be in the hands of scientists to allow for rapid iteration and discovery, but scientists are spending too much time wrangling their data instead of using it. Enthought empowers scientists by putting analytics-ready data at their fingertips to discover never-before-seen value and drive innovation.

Enthought brings together scientific understanding with computational excellence. We understand the unique challenges with R&D data and know-how to harness its value for faster discovery and smarter innovation.


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The Enthought Tool Suite is a collection of open-source components developed by Enthought, our partners and the scientific Python community, which we use every day to construct custom scientific applications.

Unlocking the Value of R&D Data

While the value of R&D data is clear, finding a way to sort through it can be daunting given the special handling required to extract its value. In fact, 75 percent of surveyed R&D executives believe advanced analytics techniques would play a pivotal role in their future R&D activities, but only 25 percent state that their R&D organizations were actually using these analytics.

General-purpose data management solutions are ill-equipped to confront the challenges of R&D data, leaving researchers to manage time-intensive and/or manual processes that may or may not yield results. That’s where Enthought Edge steps in.

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