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Enthought | Materials Science and Chemistry

What Materials Informatics Looks Like in the Modern R&D Lab

Aug 29, 2023

The Modern Materials Science and Chemistry Lab Industry success now more than ever is being dictated by the ability to continuously develop innovative new materials and chemicals, and companies are looking to Materials Informatics solutions as the key. What is Materials Informatics? Materials Informatics (MI) is the modern approach to materials discovery and product development…

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Cheat Sheet | Large Language Models+ For Scientific Research

Jul 5, 2023

Large Language Models+ For Scientific Research Updated August 2023 LLMs and Tools for R&D To help scientists and researchers navigate the increasing number of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) options, Enthought’s experts put together this summary of Large Language Models (LLMs) and related tools that are most relevant for R&D updated as of early August 2023.…

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Enthought | ChatGPT, Large Language Models, Generative Artificial Intelligence

WEBINAR: What Every R&D Leader Needs to Know About ChatGPT and LLMs

Jun 29, 2023

View Webinar-on-Demand Live webinar held on June 27, 2023 Overview ChatGPT and the explosion of advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) are disrupting every industry. We are now living in a new age of AI with an unprecedented pace of advancement. This paradigm shift is forcing all businesses, including innovation-driven companies in the life sciences and…

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Enthought - Idemitsu Materials Informatics Case Study

Why Top Materials Company Idemitsu Partnered with Enthought to Accelerate Product Innovation using Materials Informatics

Dec 1, 2022

Idemitsu’s Path to R&D Digital Transformation Idemitsu has a rich 100 year history of developing products alongside leading OEMs from project onset, and today is looking to bring new products to market that demonstrate their commitment to a carbon neutral and circular society. As one of the most innovative energy materials manufacturers in the world,…

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Enthought | The Lab of the Future

5 Tips to Kickstart Your Journey to the Future-Proofed R&D Lab

Oct 21, 2022

5 Tips to Kickstart Your Journey to the Future-Proofed R&D Lab   Despite an increase in digital transformation efforts across all industries, 70% fall short of their objectives. For science-driven organizations whose core innovation center is the R&D lab, success can be even more out of reach. To build the digital lab of the future,…

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Active Learning Improves Polymer Formulation Scale-Up Efficiency

Dec 7, 2021

A Specialty Chemical Company Wanted to Remove the Bottleneck from their Polymer Scale-Up Process Many of the high tech products we interact with on a daily basis are enabled by the use of specialty plastics that are carefully engineered to have a wide range of critical properties (mechanical, optical, electrical, thermal) that must be co-optimized…

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Accelerating Consumer Products Reformulation with Machine Learning

Nov 23, 2021

Consumer products need to be reformulated continually in order to adapt to new market forces, government regulations, and supply chain limitations. In some markets, sustainability initiatives and consumer demand for natural ingredients are forcing major reformulation efforts across entire product lines. These sweeping changes are creating an R&D and innovation bottleneck. Companies that are able…

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The Journey to Digital-centric Chemicals and Materials Laboratories

Nov 23, 2021

Digital technologies and the innovation they enable are steadily transforming chemicals and materials labs.  This webinar proposes five ‘levels’ of lab digital capability, providing managers and scientists with a mental model to evaluate where they are now, and how to leverage technology and technical leadership to ‘level up’, ultimately transforming lab performance and its impact…

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