The Time-Tested, Reliable Scientific and Analytic Python Distribution

Now with over 600 free pre-built and tested scientific and analytic Python 2 and Python 3 packages, this time-tested collection provides users a streamlined way to deploy Python distributions. Users have a choice of two tools to access EPD in the way that best meets their individual needs: Enthought Canopy (GUI) or the new Enthought Deployment Manager (EDM) (command line).

Access the Enthought Python Distribution via:

Enthought’s Next Generation, Command-Line 
Environment and Package Manager

Enthought’s Graphical Package Management PLUS an Integrated Analysis Environment

What is Enthought Deployment Manager (EDM)?

EDM is Enthought’s next generation environment and application manager. For long-time EPD users, you’ll recognize EDM and its command-line tool edm as a replacement for Enstaller and its enpkg command-line tool. EDM installs the same great packages and Python executables that made up legacy EPD, and adds features such as multi-environment management and package dependency resolution.

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Choose Enthought Deployment Manager to access Enthought’s Python Distribution if you:

  • Prefer command-line package management
  • Prefer a single-layer Python distribution (à la legacy EPD)
  • Want to use multiple sandboxed environments

What is Enthought Canopy?

Enthought Canopy combines an easy to use graphical user interface for Python and Python package installation, plus an integrated analysis environment, free for all users.

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Choose Enthought Canopy to access Enthought’s Python Distribution if you:

  • Prefer a graphical package manager integrated with Canopy’s editor and console
  • Want the convenience of an integrated analysis environment with direct access to packages