Enthought Python Distribution (EPD) is now part of Enthought Canopy!


The Enthought Python Distribution (EPD) has been installed across hundreds of thousands of machines over the last decade. Now we've taken this globally recommended Python distribution, and made it even better with the release of Enthought Canopy. In addition to a proven scientific and analytic Python computing stack (view packages), Enthought Canopy also provides valuable tools for rapid data analysis and visualization and robust application development including:

  • An integrated graphical analysis environment
  • A text editor with syntax checking, tab completion, and code warnings
  • An IPython shell integrated with the editor that facilitates interactive execution and exploration
  • Graphical tools for installation, update & rollback, and bug-reporting
  • A linked documentation browser

Command-line users can run Canopy Python without opening a GUI. Or you can drop quickly from the GUI into a Canopy-configured Command Prompt / Terminal, when needed. All Enthought-provided package installs can be done with the `enpkg` command-line utility, just as in EPD.
Canopy Command Prompt Illustration

Enthought Canopy is available for FREE as Canopy Express. Upgrade to a subscription option for additional pre-built and tested packages, online training courses, and support options.

Subscribers who don't need the graphical front-end can also get the Standalone Python Distribution for Canopy here.

EPD User?

Current EPD subscribers have access to all the benefits of Enthought Canopy with no change to your account. If you prefer to continue using EPD for now, you can still log in here to access the Enthought repository of EPD installers and packages. You can continue to use the `enpkg` utility to access the Canopy/EPD package repository for updates and additional packages.

Log in to the repository

Access the Enthought Knowledge Base to find reference information like how to use "enpkg" to update your EPD packages, the EPD License text and Getting Started instructions.