EPD is Evolving

The Enthought Python Distribution provides scientists with a comprehensive set of tools to perform rigorous data analysis and visualization. Python, distinguished by its flexibility, coherence, and ease-of-use, is rapidly becoming the programming language of choice for researchers worldwide. Enthought extends this capacity with a powerful collection of Python libraries to enable interactive technical computing and cross-platform rapid application development.

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For Current EPD Customers

While we encourage you to try the new Enthought Canopy (free for current EPD subscribers), those who want to continue to use EPD can:

The New Python Distribution

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And now the Enthought Python Distribution has been reloaded. Enthought Canopy provides the same proven Python distribution for scientific and technical computing, and it adds a new analysis environment for scientists, analysts and engineers.

All current EPD subscribers get a free upgrade to the corresponding Enthought Canopy license.

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