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Enthought eBook: Five Barriers to Digital Transformation in the Life Sciences Industry

[eBook] Digital Transformation in the Life Sciences Industry

Oct 21, 2022

The Lab of the Future: Barriers to Digital Transformation in the Life Sciences Industry Experts predict over the next two years, life sciences companies will invest over $3 billion in AI, with two-thirds adopting the “intelligent lab of the future” within four years. Taking a digital-first approach has become a strategic imperative in the pharmaceutical…

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Enthought | The Lab of the Future

5 Tips to Kickstart Your Journey to the Future-Proofed R&D Lab

Oct 21, 2022

5 Tips to Kickstart Your Journey to the Future-Proofed R&D Lab   Despite an increase in digital transformation efforts across all industries, 70% fall short of their objectives. For science-driven organizations whose core innovation center is the R&D lab, success can be even more out of reach. To build the digital lab of the future,…

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[White Paper] Optimized Workflows in the Life Sciences

Oct 11, 2022

Optimized Workflows: Towards Reproducible, Extensible and Scalable Bioinformatics Pipelines A bioinformatics pipeline is an analysis workflow that takes input data files in unprocessed raw form through a series of transformations to produce output data in a human-interpretable form. A bioinformatics pipeline evolves through five phases. Pipeline bioinformaticians first seek to collect and explore the essential…

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3 ways to identify digital transformation opportunities in your R&D lab

Nov 17, 2021

Is your R&D lab digitally mature? Do you use data and code to create value at every step of your R&D program? This webinar will help you take the first step towards achieving both of these things, and explains the value of doing so.  This webinar discusses the difficulties faced by R&D labs, and provides…

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Digital Transformation in Practice

Nov 17, 2020

For digital leaders who will share a practical framework for digital transformation options, and how to avoid common pitfalls. Gain insights into: Making key strategic choices about digital transformation and avoiding common pitfalls. Crafting transformation strategy, framed through a comparison between Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Identifying and leveraging the possibilities enabled by today’s rapidly advancing technologies. Driving applied…

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Python for Professionals

Nov 11, 2019

What: Presentation and Q&A with Dr. Michael Connell, VP, Organizational Transformation, Enthought Who Should Watch: Anyone who wants to develop proficiency in Python for scientific, engineering, analytic, quantitative, or data science applications, including team leaders considering Python training for a group, learning and development coordinators supporting technical teams, or individuals who want to develop their Python…

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The Power of Automation

Sep 19, 2019

What: An introduction to the possibilities provided by automation in business and scientific workflows Who Should Watch: Scientists, engineers, and group leaders who have repetitive scientific tasks they would like to automate and digital transformation advisors and managers driving organizational change You Will Learn: The webinar will provide a short introduction to digital transformation for…

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