Resonac Selects Enthought’s Materials Informatics Acceleration Program to Expand Machine Learning Pipeline, Cultivate Broader Culture Change

Resonac Selects Enthought’s Materials Informatics Acceleration Program to Expand Machine Learning Pipeline, Cultivate Broader Culture Change

Partnership will strengthen existing team of materials informatics experts, provide tailored computational solutions to spur continuous growth


Austin, TX – February 8, 2023 – Enthought, a company powering digital transformation for science, today announced that Japanese chemicals supplier Resonac (formerly Showa Denko), has selected its Materials Informatics (MI) Acceleration Program to expand the internal digital R&D capabilities that will allow them to continuously develop new chemicals and materials. 

On January 1, 2023, Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) and Showa Denko Materials (SDMC, former Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.) merged to become a holding company named Resonac Holdings Corporation and a manufacturing company named Resonac Corporation (Resonac). As a result of the integration, Resonac now has a combination of former SDK’s petrochemicals, graphite electrodes and basic chemicals businesses, as well as former SDMC’s semiconductor and electronic materials business. Its newly defined purpose is to change society through the power of chemistry, and become a global leader in specialty chemicals manufacturing. 

As global chemical companies face increasing competitive pressure, materials informatics has emerged as a dependable paradigm for dramatically accelerating discovery and innovation via data science. Enthought’s MI Acceleration Program offers a holistic approach to building knowledge and intuition with data, ultimately enabling powerhouses like Resonac to make better, more efficient decisions in the lab to compete in specialty markets and bring innovative new products to market faster.

“We have long been impressed by Enthought’s approach to digital innovation, and their world-class expertise in materials informatics,” said Yoshishige Okuno, Head of Research Center for Computational Science and Informatics at Resonac. “By merging education, analytics and software engineering, Enthought’s unique approach to solving scientific challenges enables us to differentiate ourselves and build immediately valuable solutions as a result, and be all the more experienced and capable going forward.”

“At Resonac, we understand the transformational impact of materials informatics, and have been growing our capabilities and expanding our toolsets in this arena. Enthought is the right partner to take us to the next level and bring our computational solutions into product development across the company,” continued Shimpei Takemoto, Head of AI Analysis Group. 

Prior to enlisting Enthought for support, Resonac had been working to expand their existing machine learning pipeline and build their computational science and technology team. Through Enthought’s guided partnership, Resonac will:

  • Continue to build and deepen its in-house MI capabilities
  • Establish new MI solutions that will improve product development and efficiency
  • Utilize Enthought Edge for data management and analysis and to deploy custom applications
  • Identify and cultivate future digital R&D leaders
  • Gain ongoing access to Enthought’s team of skilled scientists and engineers in order to catalyze broader digital culture change

“Resonac has spent years laying the foundation for a robust MI and technology team, and we are deeply impressed by the expertise they already possess. We look forward to working alongside their team to inject new ways of thinking and develop approaches to augment their existing capabilities and drive company-wide growth,” said Chris Farrow, Vice President of Materials Science Solutions at Enthought. 

To learn more about Enthought’s unique Materials Informatics Acceleration Program, visit here. To learn more about data management with Enthought Edge, visit here

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